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We only ever use proven technology as we feel they provide value for money, reliability and equipment performance, this will help give you the best possible products and technology to aid the structure and efficiency of your company

Panasonic Systems

Panasonic are one of the leading manufacturers of telephone systems which can provide business communication solutions to suit all available technology such as analogue, digital, ISDN and VoIP lines. What ever your requirements are, Panasonic will have the product to suit the needs of your business.

Business Telephone Systems

BT Systems

BT are also another leading supplier of telephone systems, their years of experience within the telecoms industry ensures that they have a product to fit the structure of your business.

West Midlands Telecom Services


We also deal with a large range of handsets from all the major manufacturers, these include analogue, digital and IP handsets. Again if your budget is more constricted than you would wish, then we can offer refurbished models as a more cost effective option.

Voice Mail Systems

Traditional voice mail machines store messages on the handset base for a single user, todays voice mail systems store messages onto a computer hard disk and will take messages for any amount of staff.
Each member of staff has their own mailbox, which stores their personal messages, mailboxes can also be password protected allowing only the designated member of staff to listen to the messages. Voice mail systems allow you to create your own personal greeting so caller receive specific information or instructions from the person who recorded the message.
Voice mail systems are very advanced, allowing the unification of voice, fax and email messages into just one mailbox, commonly known as Unified Messaging.


We have a large range of accessories that can be integrated into your telephone system allowing for more user-friendly and efficient operation. Some of these accessories include, headsets, paging and sound systems, music on hold (Moh) and UPS battery backup.

Telephone Accessories West Midlands

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